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What areas do you cover?

In Manhattan: Upper Westside & Eastside, Hell's kitchen area (W.57th Street to W.42nd Street along 9th Avenue), Chelsea, West & East Village

In NJ: Englewood, Fort Lee, Leonia, Edgewater, Fairview, Union City,West NY,Weehawken and

How long does it take you to complete the job?

Completion time for all jobs is dependant on the number of flyers to distribute and the number of areas to be covered. But in general, most jobs can be completed in 1 to 2 weeks.

What means of transportation do you use to distribute the flyers?

Bicycle, on foot and when necessary, public transportation.

Do I provide you with the supplies needed to post the flyers?

No. I include this as part of my service. Anything needed to post the flyers, such as tape, push pins and/or staples, are complementary.

How long have you been in the business of distributing flyers?

Over ten years.

Do you have references?

Yes and I will make them available upon request.

Why should I hire you to distribute my flyers?

I have over ten years of experience and an in-depth knowledge where flyers can and cannot be placed.  I know every nook and cranny.  Hiring me to distribute your flyers will allow you to invest more of your precious time on your business rather than having to go out and distribute the flyers yourself, which can be very time consuming.  Let me work for you.

Do you have repeat customers?

Yes.  They return to me because I provide excellent service.

Do you provide consultation/advise on the design of my flyer?

Yes. I recommend that the flyer be placed on color paper, be kept simple and stress the benefits of the products or services being offered.  If possible, use the word "FREE" and offer coupons that expire so that the customer acts quickly.

I am interested in having flyers made rather than distributed. Do you provide that service?

I have contracted with my website designer to provide this service for my customers.  Please contact him at Webmaster@ForroFlyers.COM

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, personal checks, bank checks and money orders.  Please make all checks and money orders payable to Martin Forro.  All personal checks require 10 business days to clear.

Do you accept credit cards?

Credit cards are accepted through PayPal.COM.  You must have a PayPal account to use your credit card.  PayPal accounts are FREE at no cost to you. 

How do I really know that you will post the flyers and not dump them in the trash?

I am not one of the many individuals you see on street corners handing out flyers or circulars.  Distributing flyers is my full-time business.  I have established a solid reputation amongst my customers for excellent reliable service.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Do flyers really work?   Will I get many calls?

I can't give you a definite answer.  a lot has to do with the professional look and design of the flyer, the offer being made and sometimes, a little bit of luck. However, I do have many repeat customers that have been doing business with me for many years now and are quite satisfied with the results.

Do you have others working or distributing the flyers for you?

No. I am the sole owner of this business. I distribute the flyers myself.

How do I get you my flyers and payment to you?

Customers can drop off the flyers, along with the appropriate payment, to a specific Manhattan/New Jersey location, which is provided at the time of agreement.

What is the difference between a tear-off/ non tear-off flyer?

A tear-off flyer is an 8.5" x 11" sheet that contains tabs/tags with a name and phone number.  The tabs/tags are located at the bottom of the flyer and can be pulled off by someone for future reference.  This type of flyer is posted.

Please note, all tear-off flyers submitted to ForroFlyers.COM must have all the tear-off tabs already cut.   Otherwise, a $50.00 charge per every 200 flyers will be added to your total order.

A non tear-off flyer can be any size paper that has no tabs/tags at the bottom of the page.  It is used for placement on building lobby tables and in certain areas of commercial business and therefore not posted. 

How many tabs/tags should I include in my tear-off flyer?

Usually, I recommend NO more than 8 - 12 tabs/tags per sheet.

Do you recommend posting tear-off flyers only?

Yes.  Tear-off flyers make it easy for interested customers to take your information with them.  Non tear-off flyers force the interested customers to write down your information at a time when a piece of paper and pen/pencil may not be available.

Do you charge for cutting the tabs on the tear-off flyers?

Yes, if the tabs do not come pre-cut, a $50.00 charge per every 200 flyers will be added to your total order.

Do you recommend posting business cards?

Generally not because they are too small and can get lost among all the many other items that may be posted there already.  However, if a bulletin board is specifically geared for posting business cards or has a business card section, then I would recommend posting them there.

Can or will you post my flyers on bus shelters, lamp posts, telephone booths trees? I see so many of them up already!

Definitely Not.  It is against the law to post flyers on any property owned by the City of New York or New Jersey.  Violators will be subjected to stiff fines, penalties and be summoned to appear in court before a judge.  In addition, posting flyers on trees is detrimental to our environment.

Do you recommend posting large size posters?

No.  They are too large and tend to cover up other people's signs. Also, some places
will not accept them and if posted will be torn down.  The ideal flyer size is 8.5" x 11" inches.

Do you distribute flyers everyday?

Yes. I do this full-time.

Are there any particular days of the week that you don't suggest posting flyers?

Yes. I do not recommend posting flyers on Mondays because some locations clear their areas of flyers on that day.   However, this is only a suggestion.

Are there any best days for posting flyers?

No.  However, towards the middle and end of the week many people tend to start working on their weekend plans and if they are interested in your advertisement, i.e. for a concert, they will take notice.

Is your business seasonal?

No.  I work all year round.

Where do you place flyers?

In any establishment that accepts flyers such as diners, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, laundromats, churches, synagogues, college and university bulletin boards and residential bulletin boards.   There are many areas where I can place your flyers exclusively because of my reputation and relationship with these location owners.

Besides distributing flyers, do you offer any other services?

Currently no.  But I am working on providing other services, such as flyer design and duplication.  I am also working on pricing advertising packages for your business to utilize on my website.   For example, you may be able to place a banner or bulletin ad on my website for millions of potential customers to view in exchange for a small monthly fee.

Do you hand out flyers?

Generally, no.  However, if someone notices me posting a flyer that is of interest to them, I will hand one over to him or her.  I am not one of the many individuals that you see standing on the corner handing out flyers or circulars.  Many areas prohibit this activity citing it as " NO Solicitation Allowed Anywhere On The Premises"

What kinds of people use my service?
Professional people from all walks of life such as chiropractor, organizer, actors, holistic
practitioners, yoga instructors, music instructors, painters, handymen, etc..

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